A warm welcome to The Gluten-Free Exchange

Written on June 17th, 2014 Posted in Member, News

“The Gluten-Free Exchange understands that hunger crosses all of society. So in the spirit of making life a little better everyday, we’re working to help feed the hungry through our association with One Percent for Hunger.”


Whether you are celiac, gluten sensitive or have made a dietary choice to limit or cut out gluten completely, it’s always nice to have a community to inform and support you on your journey. The Gluten Free Exchange is aiming to do just that! This robust website has just recently launched and is designed to build a community for those interested in gluten free, where they will bring the best of what’s on the web, including webinars, articles, resources and of course, taste-bud watering recipes to try at home. And they’re just getting started! Check out their website, become a member for free and get all the support you need for your gluten free journey.

Oh, and did we mention, they’re the newest member of One Percent For Hunger! So in case you needed another reason to check them out, supporting them means you’re making a positive difference in the fight against hunger. It’s a kindness win!

Help end hunger by